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Branding, Graphic Design, Print, Web Design
About This Project

Filament Design co-founder Philippa Berry Smith had a day job teaching graphic and web design at WITT for 8 years. The wonderful and close-knit art department had been operating at the polytechnic for 30 years, and Philippa was delighted to get the chance to work on the visual design and marketing for WITT Art through her position as Design Tutor.


What started as documenting and showcasing student’s artwork quickly turned into a logo design and website design for the department. At regular intervals Philippa also gets to design WITT Art advertising for magazines, newspapers, industry publications, and department-produced material such as brochures, flyers, large format prints, and signage.


This website features a lot of student-generated content which is constantly changing. Due to the identification of multiple target markets / end-users, the site had to be designed to work for many different visitors. Functionality such as timetables, maps, information about the courses, and helpful resources for students had to be included. One special part of this website is the exhibitions section, where students often get their first online showcase of work. Multiple social media accounts are managed alongside the back-end administration for this project.


This evolving project is unique and special in that often there are collaborations with visual art and design students, the marketing team at WITT, and of course the Art dept staff.