AquaAg Silage Anchors logo design

Layne Greensill, Director of AquaAg Ltd.

Branding, Photography
About This Project

AquaAg Ltd is a local company developing new and exciting products for release onto the agricultural market. Their flagship product, the Aqua Anchor, is an eco-friendly device that weighs down the covers of silage pits. This new and exciting alternative to car tyres is easy to use and install, kind to the environment, quick to setup, and easy to store when not in use.


For this branding project Layne asked us to portray the main ideas of ease-of-use, agriculture, silage, and farmland. Since the product was being manufactured off-shore there was a tight deadline to get the logo up and running so it could be incorporated into the injection-moulding design of the hose couplings. The key colour of royal blue (the colour of the hoses) needed to feature prominently. The primary ideas have used in this collection include: royal blue key colour, strong bold fonts, grass, sky, farmland, silage stack, agricultural style, and clean layouts.


A heavy font sits squarely in the middle of the stack, with the light anchor over the top. This long-format design will reproduce well on the hoses themselves, and the shape is reminiscent of the product itself with a blue hose type element lying across the top. This full colour logo uses a vibrant combination of yellow, green and the royal blue.


A website is also in the pipeline for this product, here are a few sneak-peak images! Taking the video and photography for this project was exciting as it meant getting our gummies on and clambering about the silage pit. Filament Design is very excited for this new product to hit the market and we just love the eco-friendliness of it’s design. All the best to Layne and the team at AquaAg.