Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation


Search engine optimisation or SEO as it is commonly known, in it’s simplest form is ensuring that your website has the best possible chance of being found when internet users search Google for your product, service or information resource.


There are many technical factors that contribute to the success of a website’s search engine results, there are also many myths and misinformation. After helping many of our clients achieve outstanding results in search results over the years we have been able to drill down through this confusion allowing us to get straight to the heart of what we need to be telling search engines about your site. This means having the knowledge of what Google needs to see so your website is really providing value to the users of the internet.



So what is it that Google wants to see on your website.


In short, content! Unique original text content that adds to the vast information store house that is the internet in positive and useful way. Articles about how things work, how to make and fix things, entertainment, historical information and basically anything that is truly helpful and informative.


Websites that feature only images and sales links don’t actually add value to users, quite the opposite. Sites that are stuffed with keywords among virtually meaningless text are no longer seen as valuable resources for users. Google uses immense logical computer algorithms to retrieve and analyse the content of webpages and acts as a filtering mechanism to help you to find a valuable resource and information about the the subject you type into the search box.


At Filament Design we have been working with clients to help them add content and useful information to their sites that help internet users find them and there resource on-line through search engines. We have the technical knowledge to make sure the information is formatted logically and correctly from the back end of the site so there is no doubt about what your website is about and that it’s valuable to users.


If you need our help to make sure your site gets found on the web, call us now.