Chris Hill Photography


Chris Hill Photography

Web Design, Wordpress Development
About This Project

There are quite a few photographers operating in Taranaki and Chris Hill wanted to stand out. His award-winning work needed to absolutely shine, so we crafted a custom site that would let the imagery do the talking.


Specialising in commercial photography, architectural photography, and theatrical photography, Chris is also a well-regarded tutor. He now operates popular photography classes from his studio,  Filament Design built a sign-up form that means he can market his classes online and get the sign-ups happening online too. How very convenient! (If you’re interested, here’s the link to the photography classes)


The brief we received from Chris was something along the lines of “lots of white space, but I trust you!” Which was both wonderfully exciting and daunting at the same time. It was important that his well-known brand was maintained and complemented, and that he was easy to contact.


Filament has enjoyed working with Chris to bring his site to life and helping him to gain new students for his classes. It’s been an absolute luxury working with such stunning images!