What is WordPress Custom Development

What is WordPress Custom Development

November 12, 2015/in Behind the scenes, Code /by admin
WordPress is one of the world’s most widely used website platforms. Most people with a little bit of experience with the web can install a nice theme then customise the content, colours and styles to suit the project. But what happens when you need to add specific functionality or structure to a project that goes way beyond the use of plugins or CSS tweaks?

WordPress custom development is the practice of getting right into the coding of template and functions files within a WordPress theme to make the theme do exactly what’s required for the project in hand. This process goes beyond what plugin and theme authors can deliver as they must consider the needs of very wide variety of users. With a custom development the work of these authors can be enhanced to provide tailor-made solutions for demanding projects. This process can be leveraged into a full plugin in it’s own right should the process need to be reused for other projects.

Recently for one of our clients we were required to add functionality to their existing WordPress site that would allow users to register with the site from a publicly accessible front end page, then submit content as WordPress post with the intention of this content being published. Both of these activities need to go through an approval process and notifications needed to be emailed to the user and administrator at each stage of the process.

A form was set up on a a front end page to collect the data from submitters and save it to the WordPress Database, a WordPress Custom Post Type and accompanying template were created to handle the publishing of the data as a regular WordPress Post.

The whole process of registering, logging in and submitting content for approval is all handled on the front end of the website. This creates a seamless experience for the user who needs no training what so ever.

We have many examples where extending normal WordPress capabilities has enabled us to implement valuable solutions for our clients needs. Here’s an article about implementing dynamic google maps with markers and info popups based on the info from your database.

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