Web design and web hosting – an overview

Web design and web hosting – an overview

Web design is a very general term and still in use today, often when people refer to web design they are thinking of a very wide range of technologies that are combined to create a seamless on-line experience called a webpage, or in the case of a collection of connected webpages on the same domain, a website.

Even the simplest of web pages owes it’s existence and public availability to a wide variety of programming languages, network protocols, pre configured software frameworks and many many hours of coding.

To make all this code and knowledge usable to greater number of people and to create a consistent and stable software environment, most on-line hosting providers have a reasonably standard set of tools bundled and configured with their hosting plans to enable the publishing of websites, configuration of domain set-ups and various admin tasks are all under the same control panel and security system.

Having experience and consistently successful results using these on-line tools, Filament Design can install your website and on-line assets economically and efficiently. Also using these tools allows for real-time monitoring of your sites security and configuration. Automatic notifications are sent to us if anything requires attention so you can always be sure your site is looked after.

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