MuuMuu – Toi Maori Artist



Branding, Web Design
About This Project

WharehokaSmith is a contemporary Toi Māori Artist who works in a range of exciting graphic and sculptural mediums. One of his work’s, Kureitanga II IV, is on permanent display at the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery / Len Lye Centre.


Practising as an artist requires a professional look and WharehokaSmith approached Filament Design for help in creating a simple, elegant website that he could use to further promote and share his work. It’s the start of an online repository of his creations, and the idea is to add new works as they are created.


There was only one restriction on the visual design of this site: it had to be black and white so as to stay true to the core aesthetic of MūMū. WharehokaSmith also wanted people interested in his work to be able to easily get in touch with him, and get an understanding of his art practice.